In 2019, we helped facilitate evidence-based mental health therapy for 700 children and families affected by trauma.
In 2019, we helped support the launch of 20 startups.
Last year, we partnered to help 200 individuals with HIV/AIDS receive high quality clinical care.
Along with our partners, our efforts resulted in 25,000 students receiving workforce and career mentoring in 2019.


Coach leaders to grow their organizational prowess in strategic planning, change management, grants development and technical assistance.

Build coalitions to address systems issues, secure funding, and grow relationships.

Educate current and future workforce in core skill sets of grants development, organizational change, and strategic planning.

Secure funds specific to economic/workforce development and human services issues, leading to millions in funding.

Incite Makes an Impact


People First. Always.

Meaningful Impact = Hard Work

Embrace the Risk.

Intensity with Purpose and Pride

Trust Your Struggle.

Everyone has a voice. When you find yours, use it.

Blended teams make the best outcomes.