With offices in Las Cruces, New Mexico and El Paso, Texas, the Incite Network acts as the borderland’s anchor for strategic planning, change management and fund development strategy in economic/workforce development and health/human service organizations. Since our founding in 2011, we have witnessed our clients (called “partners”) grow and evolve as funding comes into organizations to support their respective missions and initiatives. Our network provides partners the ability to grow aggressively and meet the needs of their communities.

Mission Statement

Transform organizations, secure funding, and broker innovative collaborations to ensure economic mobility for all.

Incite’s core values demonstrate that we care more about the people behind the processes and as a result, build long-term relationships. For this reason, Incite onboards a select number of partners each year, working with intensity, purpose, and pride to ensure we can thoroughly scrutinize proposal development and strategy.

Our core team of strategists works with partnering firms and subject matter experts nationally to create roadmaps for mission achievement. The Incite Network was created to remedy the most common challenges faced by nonprofit organizations and local government entities in their effort to identify real-life strategy, build collaboration and secure funding for their work. 

Incite speaks with its partners almost daily to ensure direct involvement from staff in strategy design. Our team often sits in strategic planning sessions, Board of Director meetings, and at key events that support executive decisions. We are trusted advisors and prepare deliverables with the end goal to incite movements for change in the areas we serve. We appreciate the opportunity to become a trusted advisor, partner, and resource to the partner.